Blacktail Jackrabbit (Photo of the week)

A blacktail jackrabbit sits in the grass, softly backlit by the setting sun

When walking out by the San Francisco Bay in the morning or evening hours, it does not take long to spot a black tail jackrabbit. This is one of a few rabbit species native to the area, not to be confused with the many domesticated feral rabbits. It also likely doesn’t take long to see one of these animals in action, most likely if they sense the threat of a predator. Running at speeds up to 50 miles per hour, they can take single leaps up to 20 feet.

Because they tend to be very wary creatures, it can be difficult to sneak up on one to photograph. Most of my photos are of their backside, as they race away from me across a mud flat or through fields of pickle weed. I got lucky with the rabbit in this week’s photo, as I was able to get off a couple of quick shots before he noticed my presence.