Mt Shasta (Photo of the week)

Mount Shasta looms over the surrounding landscape

This week’s photo was taken last month a couple of hours after sunrise, from the north of the mountain. The Mount Shasta area is very photogenic, with numerous waterfalls and views of the mountain.

I was blessed with a clear morning. I had planned on a sunrise shot, but my progress out of the Bay Area was severely hampered by a grass fire closing the freeway. As a result, my wife and I got into Weed extremely late the night before. Even though I missed sunrise, I managed to get the shot before the harshest light of the day.

  • Ortegapepper

    Had to show my husband this one. He lived in Mount Shasta when he was younger and he lived in Weed. It felt nicely close to home and a great shot. You have a wonderful eye.

  • Nancimae

    Many years ago, we lived in Klamath Falls, Oregon and could see Mt. Shasta on a clear day. It was so beautiful, and such good memories.