Spring has arrived

A trio of duckling siblings swims quickly across open water to find a protected spot

New life is appearing all over the Bay Area as the winter rains are finally (reluctantly) subsiding. Birds are nesting, flowers are blooming, and we’ll likely get to enjoy the lush green of spring a little longer than normal this year. As captured in the image above, I’ve spent a few days following one of the first mallard families of the spring. Watching mom and dad protect their young hatch-lings from all the dangers of the world (including other ducks), has been a joy to watch. Hopefully I will follow up with some more photos in the coming weeks.

A Mallard watches over his young duckling as he looks for a hiding place amongst the reeds

Below is one of the first lupine blooms of the spring in Edgewood Park and Preserve in San Mateo County. This lupine was photographed at first light on an eastern facing slope.

A purple lupine blooms in early spring, Edgewood Park, San Mateo County, California